Proprietary Technology – AMPLFY.AI

Reperio Technologies has developed a suite of machine learning tools that are both standard and totally original. AMPLFY.AI is a technology that is not available to other commercial entities. It provides a platform for which a true human/machine augmentation takes place.

Anyone with some simple training could use Reperio’s AMPLFY.AI to discover patterns in data because it provides a two dimensional visualization for many possible models, no matter how many variables are included. These simple visualizations reflect the relationship between all subjects to each other. Professional scientists on the other hand have an exploratory tool that can capture models that truly reproduce. Our team uses these tools in conjunction with years of experience to build predictive models.

Our approach considers the very real fact that there are many ways to look at complex data. Our system first translates the high dimensional data into faithful two dimensional models (which are memory based models that reflect the high dimensional relationships of the data) which are then used for deeper training.