Reperio Technologies works with Domain Experts who are working in their respective field to customize AMPLFY.AI to their needs. We are currently focused on the following sectors:

Pharma/Healthcare – AMPLFY.AI can be used to detect and eliminate placebo responders from failed clinical trials so that drug development companies can screen out these placebo responders while recruiting participants for their next clinical trial. Similar processes can be applied to predict drug responders as well.

Investment Management – AMPLFY.AI can assist investment managers in creating and maintain their portfolio, giving them the ability to discover opportunities and risks by analyzing thousands of equities with thousands of variables.

Accounting/Assurance – AMPLFY.AI can provide accounting and professional services firms with insights, predictive capabilities and automation in the areas of assurance/accounting, consulting, corporate finance with a focus on transaction advisory services, enterprise risk, investigative & forensic services, and valuation services.

Financial Institutions Regulation– Although AMPLFY.AI covers all aspects of financial regulation our focus is on BASEL implementation and monitoring, giving these institution not only to be compliant with BASEL but to provide them with predictive scenarios of their business in real-time.

Financial Fraud – AMPLFY.AI helps banking and financial institutions to predict, detect, and prevent complex, multichannel fraud. The result is enhanced customer protection and reduced reputational risk. The solution combines real-time detection with correlational capabilities, and sophisticated behaviour detection, analytics, and case management.

HCM – AMPLFY.AI assists companies in Human Capital Management where it can optimize employee productivity and satisfaction by determining appropriate employer configurations.

Real Estate – AMPLFY.AI can enhance a commercial real estate’s revenue stream as well as mitigating risk by predicting future rental prices for a property, determining a commercial renters ability to be a long term leaseholder, as well as predicting government approval to develop commercial facilities on a property.

Charity & Non-Profit – AMPLFY.AI can not only target donors but can also determine when to target them, as well as determine the best fundraising executive to approach the said potential donor via personality analyses.